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An Alternative to Equipment Insurance

Are you tired of extended wait times and stretched follow-ups of service for your lab and medical equipment?

QRS, LLC is a lab and medical equipment repair company that operates in the PA, OH and WV markets. We are proud, long-serving contractors of some of the most prestigious research facilities in the area. Contact us today to request immediate service or to discuss how your equipment could be put in the best hands of the region.

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24/7 Service

Breakneck response time.

Response time is paramount to the expectations of our clients. We will immediately work on providing prompt service for all requests.

Award Winning

Nationally recognized acclaim.

Rated as one of the top five medical equipment repair companies in the country by Medical Equipment Repair Associates (MERA), you can rest assured that all our work is quality.

Annual Inspections

Minimize Unexpected Downtime.

Included with each equipment service contract is a complimentary and comprehensive annual inspection.

Variety of Service

Independent Servicer & Manufacturer Representative.

As an independent service provider, we field service a range of lab and medical equipment including freezers, incubators, centrifuges, and more. We also provide local service on bahlf of manufacturers.

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